battlefield 3 aimbot

BF3H has the most advanced & accurate automatic aiming system for battlefield 3, the way the system works is once a gamer is visible on your screen it will automatically lock on to the set bone you have selected in the in-game menu. Then you just got from there & fire away until he is lead dead on the floor. You can also set how far you want the aimbot to aim, what user to lock on to, what user not to lock on to & much more. Below are the main features of the battlefield 3 automatic aimbot cheat:

battlefield 3 rage hack

This is one of BF3H's brand new features that has been added to the battlefield 3 hack. Are you sick of everyone owning you & you would just like to go in to a server and take everyone out? Well this is now available. All you have to do is click the configurable option then activate it. Once you have chosen your kit & weapon & spawned you will instantly kill people with out having to do anything. You don't have to shoot & out BF3 hack will automatically kill them

Test it out today at no additional charge unlike other cheating sites that will make you pay extra for this option, thats if they had it which they dont. You can use any weapon to get kills this means you will be able to easily & quickly level up the guns to get the unlocks you have been waiting to get for ages.

battlefield 3 Enemy Spawn Hack

This is one of BF3H's brand new features that has been added to the battlefield 3 hack. You can now spawn at the enemys base, this means you will be able to steal there vehicles. Spawn at any of there bases and wipe them all out with our amazing aimbot. This feature is 100% unique to BF3H no one else has it! You will be able to make all the ememys cry in what when they see you taking all there flags and gaining an amazing amount of points! You should see there faces when you spawn in there base at the begining of the round & take them all out ;)

Test it out today at no additional charge unlike other cheating sites that will make you pay extra for this option, thats if they had it which they dont. Check out the video of this feature in the media center. Have fun with our BF3 Spawn Hack & kills all the enemys at there home base!.

battlefield 3 Rapid Bullets

This is one of BF3H's brand new features that has been added to the battlefield 3 hack. Are you sick of the bullets taking ages to hit the opponent & the opponents bullets hitting you before yours even reach them? Well not any longer thanks to our new features the bullets calculate at a faster speed so you will always be that extra step ahead of the opponents.

Test it out today at no additional charge unlike other cheating sites that will make you pay extra for this option. You will now be able to be up in the hills on a map click the trigger & instantly kill the player. You will no longer have to wait for the bullets to hit them. Also when a player is running if there is some lag & the hack can not calculate it quick enough this is no longer a issue. As the bullets will instantly hit the player milliseconds after you have clicked the trigger!!

battlefield 3 instant kill

One of BF3Hs key features is the incredible Instant Kill feature. This feature will basically allow you to kill with one shot kills. When this setting is turned on it will improve the aimbots accuracy by up to 60%, depending on ping. The BF3 instant kill feature will place you on the top position on the leader board each & every map without fail. You have a choice of turning Instant Kill on or off, so if you want to go light on the other players you have a choice to do so. You can easily see your k/d ratio & accuracy score shoot up after about 3 hours of play. You will not find this feature on any other BF3 cheat site. This feature is enabled on all subscriptions.

You will be able to kill anyone with one shot anywhere on the map, you would be crazy not to test it out today. You can check out our videos in the media section, we always have the instant kill turned on while creating videos.

battlefield 3 Automatic Knifing

While playing when the BF3Hs Knife Hack is turned on, if someone gets too close to you or they sneak up behind you, our system will automatic knife them. You can change the distance on how far/close you would like to knife them from. You also have the option to turn it on or off. You can now get those sneaky snipers before they capture your dog tag.

We also have an amazing feature, it is called Knife Hack. When you switch it on it will constantly knife people from where ever you are on the map. As soon as the player has spawned they will spawn at your location & our system will automatically knife them. This means you could turn this feature on while you go to the toilet so you are constantly gaining points & dog tags. You can clear the server of all the users within a few rounds. If you turn this feature on while in a 64 player map you will easily see 400 kills around! You can see this feature in action in our media section. This feature is currently in test, it will soon be available for all subscribers.

battlefield 3 Removals

BF3H presents NoSpread that does not shake. Unlike all other cheating sites, our NoSpread does not shake around. NoSpread means all the bullets will travel in a straight line. This means that all bullets will hit the player & not spray around. You will get a lot more kills with each round of bullets as you can easily kill someone with 1-3 bullets. Our hack also includes No Recoil, this means the aimbots accuracy will shoot up. No Recoil is where when you fire your gun it will not bounce back & will just stay level. Nospread & No Recoil does need the aimbot activate. So you could use these features without using the aimbot.

The Battlefield 3 cheat also includes No Sniper Shake while firing with or without the scope. Our hack also has no smoke & no fog automatically turned on. These features are available to all of our subscribers. Why not see the Battlefield 3 hack features in action in our media section.

battlefield 3 Automatic Fire

BF3H has the most advanced & accurate automatic fire system for Battlefield 3, the way the system works is you set your customer settings for how you would like the automatic fire to work, then as soon as the advanced Battlefield 3 aimbot locks on to the target it will automatically fire at the rate you have set it.

You can also customise the distance of the target so you could only allow the BF3 automatic fire system to fire at the enemy 100meters away. So you would not waste bullets when trying to secure a 100% hit on a target over 101 meters away. This system allows you to increase your kill death ratio as if someone tries to kill you close behind the aimbot will swing your play around & instant kill them, without the target knowing what happened.

battlefield 3 Configurable ESP's

With our ESP system you will now be able to see players where ever they are on the map. You will be able to see mines, grenades, claymores & the rest. These will appear with a sphere around them, you can customise the colour of the sphere. Also when you fire bullets you have a choice to have a sphere around them too, we created this feature to allow you to see where people are shooting you from & too save you from the embarrassing kills.

You also can see the players name, class, weapon, health, skeleton & where they are aiming. You can completely customise the colours, so you know if they are visible or not. You could also turn this feature off so you are just using the aimbot. Or you could just use the ESP feature to locate all the players on the map! These features are available to all our subscribers. You can see these features in action in the media centre.

battlefield 3 Warning System

BF3H provides a advanced warning system which will notify you when a enemy aims at you. The warning system is highly customisable so you can get the warning system how you like it. You can customise the warning system to display when a visible enemy aims at you or even if they are not visible i.e. they are in a building. The warning system can also display the players weapon so you can tell if you have a chance or to fight back or not. You very rarely dont have a chance but sometimes it may be a vehicle. Our aimbot is developed so you can easily shoot people out of jets, helicopters & cars

BF3H battlefield 3 PunkBuster Protection

BF3H has the most advanced PunkBuster protection system. We are constantly working each & every day to come up with an improved and updated anti-PunkBuster system to keep your account & CDKey safe

We have developed a system that constantly protects you from PunkBuster scans on your system, if PB tries to scan your computer our hack will automatically detected this. Our system will ether shut your game down instantly or it will give you the choice to close your game. If this problem would ever arise we would get a notification of this & we will look in to the problem immediately. Our system also blocks PunkBuster from taking screen shots of your gameplay or it will deliver a clean shot of you playing BF3 with out hacks. We also have many other Anti-PB system which we do not want to go in but we are constantly developing more advanced & improved systems. We are still yet to be detected which is a first in the BF3 hacking industry were most sites saw a detection on the first day & are still trying to develop a way around this issue.

battlefield 3 2D Radar

Another great feature BF3H has is a 2D Radar, this feature is a little radar which you are able to see where the players are on the map. It displays foot & vehicle players. If you dont want to use the aimbot you dont have to you have the choose, so this feature is something that you could use to keep ahead of the competition. It is also highly effective when using the aimbot as you are able to see where players are with out having to spin round to look for them or hold down your aimkey.

BF3H Quality Promise

BF3H is always developing cutting edge Battlefield 3 cheats & aimbots to deliver you the best advantage possible. Our BF3 Hacks are already years ahead of the competition with tons of useful & unique features at an affordable price. We a offer 24/7 sales, billing & support service from our highly trained BF3H staff. You will not need to rely of an inactivate message board to get your questions answered. We will personally answer any questions or fix any issues you may be having with our Battlefield 3 hacks.

We always have amazing swag competitions for all paid subscribers which you are entered in to each & every month to win swag such as TVs, Computers, Free Subscriptions, CDKeys, Computer Components, T-Shirts etc, Cash & much more. Watch out for these competitions in your email.

We also provide a secure payment system which you can pay for with your credit/debit card or paypal. We are also finding new ways for you to pay such as Text & Phone, Wire, Direct Debit & a processor which you can pay for something you need such as games, clothes, computers, tvs etc & you will get free cheats with the successful purchase.