How Can I Pay?

We have two different options to pay with. You have the choice of all major credit & debit cards thought our ultra-secure payment processor or paypal. You can also pay with all major credit & debit cards thought paypal. If you have problems with the following payment processors, we are sure we can arrange something that will work for you. Transactions will show on your statement as "Easeware Technology Limited" Or "SafeCart".

Is Your Only Payment Processor Paypal??

Of course not! We use an external processor to process your payments in the most secure method possible! But of course we still accept paypal payments via your account or credit/debit cards. Unlike many other bf3 cheating sites we accept payments from other secure sources apart from paypal!!!

How long does it take to get the bf3 cheats

As soon as your payment has been made, your account will be instantly activated to use our software. Once you have paid you will have access to a download file where you can install & run the BF3 cheat.

How many systems can we run this software on?

As we have had a lot of abuse in the past, each subscription is locked to one system. So if you need to use the software on more than one system you will have to purchase more subscriptions for each system.

the battlefield 3 cheat wont work!

If you are having problems getting our battlefield 3 cheats to work, all you need to do is contact the support department & we will be more than happy to get it working for you. You can find the support link in your account or at the top of the page.

what is a battlefield 3 aimbot

A BF3 Aimbot is a highly advanced piece of software that will automaticly aim for you, you can select which part of the body you would like the aimbot to lock on to. All the settings can be changed in the in-game menu.

i no longer want to use the software, how can i cancel

If you wish to cancel your software, please contact us right away.

can i play on punkbuster servers?

Yes you can, our highly secure system & bypass will allow you to play on servers with out worry of being detected/found out. It also blocks the screen shots the server may take of you.

can the hack get detected?

Yes, there is always a chance of getting detected with what ever cheat you use. We try our hardest to constantly keep up to date with all punkbuster updates & developing secure anti-cheat systems to stop this. If someone is found to get detected it will automaticly not allow you to launch the hack. There is also a detection status in the loader. If it does get detected we will get it up & running with in 24 hours. If your CD-KEY gets baned, please contact support & we can provide you with a new one for just $29.99. We are yet to be detected yet so if all things go to plan you will not need to purchase a new key.

what happens if the subscription runs out?

You will basicly no longer have access to the software. If you would like to renue your subscription again, please purchase a new subscription. All subscriptions are automatily renued so you will not need to worrie about this enless you cancel with us.

are there intructions how to run the battlefield 3 cheat?

Yes there are, on the thank you page there will be intructions on how to download & install the software, there will also be a video on how to run the cheat. There will also be intructions in your account.

Can i use the aimbot in a vehicle?

Of course you can, just press the same aim button as you would for infantry.

if i have a question or issue can i contact you?

Yes of course you can, please contact support. There is a link at the top of the page.

I have changed the hardware on my computer HELP!!

We can fix this for you, as each membership is locked to one computer if hardware id changes it will no longer let you launch. If you contact support requesting a HWID reset we will be more than happy to help you out! Please note we only process two HWID changes per membership per month.If you need a reset more often that that there will be a $5.99 subcharge.